3D Camera
3D Camera
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The Mini 3D camera Facephase is the newly designed 3d camera, with the smallest size and affordable price in the market. Adopted our patented technology, the 3D camera can digitize human faces in full color in a few seconds, and the generating result is realistic as the photograph.

Working in conjunction with STN 3D Laser Engraving Machine and related software, we can provide the whole integrated solutions for customized crystal gifts business.
Model FacePhase
Dimensions 132x105x194mm
Weight 3.5kg
Field of view 800*500mm (at 1.4m distance)
Depth of field 350mm
Reference distance 1100mm-1500mm, usually suggest 1400mm
Enhanced texture 1.6 megapixels
Time of acquisition 1.4 seconds
File formats output* lss(dxf,cad,asc)
Connection USB
The field 800x500mm(@1.4m)
Depth 350mm
point cloud output format lss (dxf, cad, asc)
Power DC12V input
3D crystal engraving,
3D visualisation,
Avatar design,
3D Modeling
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